2014 ENYSSA Rapaglia Champions Cup

ENYSSA Sal Rapaglia Champions Cup 2014 - Read more 

Here are the details for the Sal Rapaglia’s Champions Cup on 9/21/14:
Games will be played at the Verrazzano Sport Complex
The park is also known as Calvert Vaux Park or Dreier Offerman Park.
The address is 2000 Shore Parkway Brooklyn NY 11214
Group A
  1. Islas Malvinas - Allfut League Champion
  2. Port Jefferson SC - Long Island Soccer League Champion
  3. Lansdowne Boys  - Cosmopolitan League Champion
Group B
  1. New York Greek Americans - Manning Cup Champion (CSL)
  2. Real Sociedad - EDSL Champion
  3. Westchester CF - Flamhaft Cup Champion (EDSL)
The format for this year will be as follows: team #1 will play team #2 in the same group.
2nd game will be the team that loses the first game will play team #3. 
Last game of the group will be between the 2 teams that have not play vs. each other in the same group.
Teams that are first in each group will play the final.
Games have 2 - 30 minutes halves
In case of a tie the game will go into a penalty shoot out.
The cup committee will decide any issues that might come up.
All Teams are required to be ready to play at least 1/2 hour before game time.
Here is the schedule for the games on 9/21/14
Group A Field #1
10:00 am - Islas Malvinas vs. Port Jeff
11:10 am - Loser of first game vs. Lansdowne
12:20 pm - Lansdowne vs. the winner of the first game
Group B Field #2
10:00 am - Greek American vs. Real Sociedad
11:10 am - Loser of first game vs. Westchester
12:20 pm - Westchester vs. the winner of the first game
2:00 pm - Winner of Group A vs. winner of Group B