Indoor rules LISFL



On behalf of the Long Island Soccer Football League, the Tournament Committee welcomes you to the 2011 Joe Goldberg Indoor Tournament.

Please help us to make this a successful and enjoyable event by keeping good sportsmanship as one of our highest priorities.
FEES:   Tournament fees are $450 Div 1 $400 all other divisions, outside teams $500.00. Make checks payable to LISFL
ADMISSION:   $5.00 (INCLUDING PLAYERS) - Children under 12 Free
DURATION: Each game will be a single e (24-28 minute period depending on your group) there will be NO halftime break. Each team will be scheduled to play a minimum of four games.       
{Any team not ready to play at the scheduled time will FORFEIT that game.}
ROSTER:   Each team is allowed seven (7) players on the field, (six plus a goalkeeper). The minimum starting roster is nine (9) players and the maximum roster is eighteen (18) players. A player can only be on one roster and must remain on that roster for the entire tournament. Removal of a player from a roster is not permitted. Players may be added to the roster up to the maximum of eighteen only in qualifying games Rosters are frozen after the preliminary rounds. ONLY TWO (2) NON-PLAYERS ARE PERMITTED ON THE TEAM BENCH DURING GAMES and they must have ENYSASA Coaching pass. All team personnel on the bench must stay within the marked area or be subject to a YELLOW card at the referee’s discretion. A team that has less than four (4) players on the field will FORFEIT that game.
Players must be affiliated with the USSF/ENYSSA and have a current pass. Players must be registered with the same club. PLAYER LOAN FORMS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Rosters and passes must be presented to the Registration Committee thirty minutes before the scheduled start time of each session. Each team must have one person present with an ENYSSA Coaches/Supervisor pass. Teams without passes or rosters or a coach’s pass will FORFEIT the game.Teams with illegal players on the roster will be fined and will FORFEIT those games. 
UNIFORMS:   Players on teams must wear the same colors. Players must have a number on the jersey and must wear the same number throughout the tournament. Each team must have two sets of uniforms (different colors). In the event of a uniform conflict, the home team (team listed first) must change. No cleats will be allowed.
Illegal Players: Any team that uses an illegal player all games played up to that point will forfeit
those games. Teams may also be removed from the tournament, at the discretion of the committee
RULES:   Standard soccer rules will be in effect except as follows:
1.     There will be no Off-sides.
2.    An indirect kick will be awarded from the midfield line if the ball passes over the midfield line without touching the playing surface or another player:
      On a goal kick
      On a throw by the goalkeeper
      On a kick by the goalkeeper from within the penalty area AFTER the goalkeeper has controlled the ball with the hands
3.    An indirect kick will be awarded if the ball hits the ceiling or any other object overhanging the playing surface. If this occurs within the penalty area, the kick will be taken from the nearest line of the penalty area.
4.    A two (2) minute bench penalty will be assessed against any player receiving a yellow card from the referee. A yellow card received by the goalkeeper or someone, not on the field will be served by a player on the field. The full two minutes will be served regardless of any scoring. THE PENALTY WILL NOT START BEING TIMED UNTIL THE EJECTED PLAYER SITS DOWN ON THE PENALTY BENCH NEXT TO THE 3rd Referee. Two yellow cards during the same game will constitute a red card, a red card means ejection from the game and the player will be ineligible to play in the next game. Any other red cards a player will sit out the next game or games at the discretion of the tournament committee. Penalties for serious infractions may be carried into the regular outdoor season. In the playoffs if a player is serving a 2-minute penalty and time expires and the game is tied that player will be allowed to take a penalty kick
5.    Unlimited in and out substitutions may be made as follows: In the middle of the field by the referee only
No substitutions will be allowed the last two (2) minutes of the game except in case of injury, if a players is on the line for substitution before the last 2 minutes and there is no stoppage of play that player MUST go back to the bench.
6.      Goalkeepers WILL be allowed to handle balls passed back or thrown in from their own players.
7.    If a penalty kick is awarded during a game, all players (other than the kicker and the goalkeeper) will line up behind the midfield line.
8.    Players must stand at least four (4) yards from an opponent taking a free kick.
9.    There will be a 2-minute penalty for a team that has too many players on the field.
10. No slide tackles.
11.   Five seconds to take any kicks after foul.
12. Any teams that start a fight will automatically be out of the tournament

1.     Most points
2.    Best goal difference
3.    Most goals scored
4.    Head to head competition
5.      Flip of a coin
POINTS:      WIN - 3         TIE - 2           LOSS - 1        FORFEIT - 0
FORFEITS:   In case of a forfeit, a 3-0 score will be awarded to the opponent. Teams forfeiting games WILL be fined. The tournament committee will determine fines.
TIES:   Playoffs penalty kicks, (minimum of 3), if necessary after sudden victory.
PROTESTS:   Protests must be presented to the tournament committee, in writing, within one hour of the game, with a non-refundable $100.00 protest fee. Five members of the tournament committee and/or L.I.S.F.L. Executive Committee will hear the protest. All decisions are final.
PLAYOFFS:   In a division with two groups, the top four teams from each group will advance to the playoffs. In a division with three groups, the top two teams from each group will advance, plus two wild card entries from the remaining teams. The wild card entries will be selected based upon the rules defined in the STANDINGS section.
                                                                    1st                            2nd      
FIRST DIVISION                       $1,000.00         $650
SECOND & THIRD O/30 O/40      $650.00           $400.00
Long Island Soccer Football League 95 Broadway Hicksville, NY 11801 Tel 516 433-1880