LISFL 2012 U-23 tournament

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Attention Former and current Youth Soccer Players

It’s the end of June. The last goal has been scored and the last player has been marked. Junior soccer is over. You think you’ll play in college, but after that, what then?

The “what then” is the LISFL? The Long Island Soccer Football League has been playing soccer since 1948! In fact, you probably don’t know that it was the LISFL that gave birth to the LIJSL. That’s right! To further the growth of soccer on Long Island, the LISFL created the LIJSL to spread the game to Long Island Youth. Judging by how successful they are it was a pretty good idea.

But we did not go away and vanish, we grew as well. We currently have approximately 40 clubs with over 90 teams from all over Long Island and Queens. We are playing soccer every fall and spring with 7 divisions D1, D1 Reserve, D2, D3, Over 30 A&B, Over 40, U-23, we have our own league cups for every division, we play in ENYSSA state cups as well in the USASA national cups, the LISFL won a total of 78 state cups, and 1 national O-30 cup  over the years.

We host the Joe Goldberg indoor tournament, formally the (Pat Ryder tournament) open to all LISFL teams where they compete for cash prices and trophies in three divisions.

During the summer months the LISFL host the Ryder-Vass tournament for the under 23 player which teams play the end of June to the first week of August for the trophy. The winner of this tournament competes for the ENY U-23 state cup tournament

To sum it up, there is life after junior soccer and you can be part of it! All current LISFL clubs welcome the opportunity to look at a new player. It is also possible to add both new clubs to the league as well as new teams. Together, there is no limit to how much we can grow.

For further information call the LISFL (516) 433-1880 or visit us at our web: