Every loss leaves a giant hole in the lives of family and friends. We are suddenly robbed of all the moments we so often took for granted.  Gus - we will miss the laughs shared around the dinner table and every story told in your special way.  We will miss the jokes that we may have heard once or maybe 10 times before. The grief is immeasurable.

Yet, while we often feel alone in our grief, sometimes the loss surpasses the boundaries of family and friends.  Sometimes the loss extends deeper and further into a community. For Gus, NY soccer and all the people that make up that community, were an extension of his family.  He was devoted to the beautiful game and worked tirelessly to make the people and the game thrive.

If you knew Gus, then you know just how unfortunate it is that he has passed during such a strange time in our world.  A huge service filled with hundreds of his peers, friends and family, laughing together as they share fond memories is the only right way to celebrate his life. I have not known a single person that deserves a greater finale.

While we cannot come together in the normal way at this time we will have a proper memorial service to honor his life as soon as we are able to.  We appreciate all of the kind words and thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Gus, I’d like to hear that joke one more time now.

If you would like to leave a tribute for Gus, please click on this link.

On Sunday, April 19 from 12PM-2PM please join us for a drive-by wake to honor Gus Xikis. The Xikis family will be outside to see all of you!

If you can, please meet at Macarthur High School parking lot (3369 Old Jerusalem Rd, Wantagh, NY 11793) at 11:45AM so we can have the cars lined up for the drive-by.

The address we will be passing by is

830 Oakfield Ave
Wantagh, NY

There will be a memorial service held at a later date.

For any questions, please call Yuri at 516-965-8248