Support for Jeff Galluzzo former member of Deer Park Soccer Club

Message from Rob Franco, Coach of LISFL's Deer Park Soccer Club about how to show support for Jeff Galluzzo former member of Deer Park Soccer Club. Read more

Jeff Galluzzo with his family

Message from Rob Franco, Coach of LISFL's Deer Park Soccer Club:

"One of our players Alex Galluzzo's Uncle, Jeff Galluzzo has been in hospice for the past two weeks and recently passed away. Jeff was a member of the Deer Park Soccer Club and was a coach to most of the guys on the current team. He is also an alumni of Hofstra Mens Soccer and they have dedicated their 2013 season to him and his family.  

Jeff was a loving husband, father, brother, family member, friend and incredible person. He was 46 years old and never smoked. In the summer of 2010 he was training for a triathlon, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. In 2011 he had his right lung removed and over the past 3 years he fought through 45 radiation treatments, 15 rounds of chemo and 7 surgeries. He showed incredible courage and in turn was been shown an enormous amount of compassion by others.

"Team Galluzzo" has helped his family make it through such a tremendously difficult time, both by showing their love and support and also financial help. Being the warrior and Superman that he is, Jeff tried to work throughout his illness, but recently had reached the decision that retiring as a Vice Principal on Long Island was necessary.

Due to the amount of daily care he required, his wonderful wife Jodi was by his side day and night, which meant her work schedule has been limited. Watching them face all they have faced together has been nothing short of inspiring. Jeff and his family had decided to go home with the help of hospice. 

Jeff's very first day back he gathered his friends and family around and declared his love for Jodi, Jaden and Justin in a little ceremony that was the most heart warming, touching moment we have ever witnessed in our lives!!! Jeff was truly an amazing man and he married an even more amazing woman! (He would agree with that!)

We are looking to collect donations in the hopes that this will help his family feel even a little less stress. The medical bills have been enormous and endless. We are calling on everyone and anyone who knows Jodi or knew Jeff, who has been touched by their story or who has been inspired by their love and support of one another. Please help us give them this gift as a symbol of our support for all of "Team Galluzzo". The link where donations can be made is below. I really appreciate any help you could offer us by spreading the word and trying to raise money for Jeff and his family. Thank you!"

Donations for "Team Galluzzo" can be made by clicking here.