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Happy thanksgiving to all

From the LISFL BOD

State Cups 2nd round

ENYSSA Cup games to be played on 12/8/19


Home teams are listed first


Manning Cup


NY Pancyprians vs Sporting 


NY Shamrock vs Port Jefferson 


Flamhaft Cup


Manhattan Kickers vs Beyond 


Unity vs Floral Park


NY Serbia vs FC Japan


Hisksville American vs Port Jefferson 1


FC Ulquini vs Richmond County 


Marth O30 Cup


NY Polonez vs Pancyprian vs 


Megas Alexandros vs Baisley United 


E. Fishkill vs Germania


Vargas O40 Cup


Germania vs Putnam


Croton vs Somers 


Baisley United vs Manhattan Celtic


Manhattan Kickers vs Eintracht 


CPR vs NY Shamrock 


D'Arpino Reserve Cup


CPR vs NY Shamrock


Pancyprian vs Kelmendi


Cedar Stars vs Zum Schneider


Lansdowne vs NYGA


Strumpf 3rd Division Cup


NY International vs Arratta


Brooklyn City vs Sons of Queens 


Ridgewood Romac vs Gotham Argo


Grenadier Zenith vs NYC Metro Stars


Shamrock vs NY Irish 

Players looking for a team

Please e-mail your info to:  contact information and a brief listing of your playing experience. Your information will be sent to all of the teams in the league and they will contact you if they are interested in adding you to their team.                                                                                                                        

Thank You LISFL


Affiliate with the LISFL
9 Divisions Premier, D1, D2, D3, O-30, O-40, O-50,Spring division U-23 Men and Women

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